Story of the Spring: A True Piece of Beauty and History


A true piece of beauty and history is tucked into the hill behind the office of Verber Family Dentistry. A natural spring bubbles from the rich ground, sheltered by a unique arched dome of stone and mortar, artistically erected over seventy years ago.  Overlooking Orrs Bridge Road and the Conodoguinet Creek, the spring has become a much-loved landmark of Hampden Township.


The spring was originally purposed to supply clean, fresh water to the elegant home of the Mussleman family just after the Great Depression era. A gravity pump was installed into the spring, harnessing the natural power of water pressure to drive water up the steep hill into the house.  The stone dome was then constructed, not only sheltering the system, but also beautifying the spring and enhancing the character of the property.


Astonishingly, the stones used to build the dome journeyed from as far away as Adams County. Story has it that farmers would come across large rocks while tending to their fields. To improve the ease and quality of their harvest, they would painstakingly remove the rocks by dragging them to the edges of their fields.  Little did they know that those very stones would become a revered landmark for decades to come! The stones were collected by the men tasked with building the spring, and were transported to Camp Hill.


The spring has remained largely untouched for decades, and has become a beloved asset of our beautiful backyard here at Verber Family Dentistry.  From our view at the top of the bluff, we can see the spring’s many visitors who stop to admire its beauty and serene setting. The Conodoguinet creek winds along, beckoning fly fishermen and kayakers to enjoy a peaceful day on its gently flowing waters.  This section of the creek is also part of the Conodoguinet Creek Water Trail, a popular float or boat trip which extends for 40 miles from Carlisle to West Fairview, where the creek joins the Susquehanna River.


The wildlife also seems to enjoy the site just as much as we do! Deer are frequently seen nibbling at the variety of foliage growing on the hill, and it is also an excellent spot for birdwatching. A variety of hawk species and even a pair of bald eagles have been routinely sighted soaring past our windows. It is truly a joy to pause and savor the simple beauty that this niche of nature has to offer.

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