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Restore Oral Health

Our practice provides extraordinary restorative work while using the most cutting edge technology to do so. Our doctors and expanded functions dental assistants (EFDA) provide care with the most up to date techniques, technology, and materials to fix whatever dental problems you may be having! Crowns , resin-based fillings, fixed and removable dentures, bridges and dental implants are just a few of the ways our team can help restore your oral health.


No insurance? No problem! We are proud to provide our Verber Dental Plan as a great alternative to dental insurance without having to worry about any outside third party. We strive to provide top quality dental care, while also doing our best to help our patients afford the proper work that is needed.

Resin-Based Composite Fillings

When a cavity is treatment planned, or teeth need to be restored to better esthetics, resin-based composite fillings are most commonly the next step to treat your teeth. When teeth are treated for minor restorative work, your dentist will remove all decay or reshape the tooth as needed. The teeth will then be restored by the dentist and EFDA in order to provide proper function and esthetics. Proper home care maintenance and routine preventative care of all teeth after any composite filling is critical in order to avoid further breakdown in the future.


When a tooth has an extensive amount of decay present, a failed previous filling, or has fractured, then a crown is most often the next step for treatment. Crowns provide the proper full coverage that is needed in order for the tooth to maintain successful form and function to be maintained in one’s mouth. Crowns are made from several different materials, such as metal, porcelain, and ceramic materials. Most often, crowns require two appointments. The first appointment will involve all prepping of the tooth, digital impressions, and fabrication of the temporary crown. The second appointment will allow us to deliver and cement your crown. Our in-house laboratory allows us to customize all crowns specific to your mouth, while still maintaining high quality work.  With the proper home care and routine preventative care, like all restorative options, your crown will have the ability to last a long time.

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