Verber Dental Group 3D Printed Mask Fitters

The Verber Dental Group continues to make efforts to support the community by donating custom fabricated “mask fitters” to individuals whose occupation puts them at risk of exposure and/or individuals that may not have the ideal personal protective equipment at this time. The “mask fitters: are made from a 3D scan of the face and then 3D printed in plastic in our in house Verber Dental Lab. The devices are secured over the mask using rubber band harnesses that can be seen in the video. These masks & rubber band harnesses should be wiped down and disinfected with wipes or spray after every use.

The “mask fitters” should improve the fit of a surgical mask or cloth mask, by helping seal the pockets that naturally open up on a non-n95 mask around the cheeks and nose. The “mask fitters” are not n95 equivalents and there is no research backing the effectiveness and safety of them, but common sense tells us that the tighter the fit of the mask is to the face…the better chance of safety.

Our group held a scanning day at Verber Family Dentistry using Bellus3D technology to get a digital 3D scan of the face to be able to produce these “mask fitters” so that they are custom fit to the individual. We’re happy to be able to provide more protection to everyone that could be at risk during these times of crisis!

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